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We'll Add $50K-$250K to Your Monthly Revenue in 60 Days (Or You Get a Full Refund)
Utilizing Email Direct Response & SMS to Scale Your eCom Brand

The #1 Way to Scale eCom Brands in 2024

In the relentless tide of digital commerce, your brand's voice risks being drowned out, leading to stagnating growth and missed opportunities.

You're pouring resources into emails that vanish into the void of overcrowded inboxes, facing the frustration of low engagement, and the constant pressure of staying ahead in an ever-evolving market.

This isn't just about ineffective email strategies; it's about the unfulfilled potential of your business, the valuable time lost, and the emotional toll it takes day after day.

Our service is tailored to navigate these complexities, transforming your email marketing into a powerful tool that resonates with your audience, amplifies your brand's message, and drives substantial growth.

It's time to turn the tide, embrace innovation, and unlock the potential of every email. Let's make your brand not just seen, but remembered and preferred.

The Ecom brands that will be winning in 2024 are all utilizing these 4 core principles:

Email List Growth
Consistent Weekly Campaigns
Customized Flows
Proven Copywriting Strategies

Why Choose Us? 

Parchment Media
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Seamless Collaboration
Transparent Communication
Fast Turnaround
ROI Guarantee

30%+ in email revenue for an Apparel Brand

We came in and revamped all their flows, upgraded their opt-in forms to boost email list growth and transformed their overall campaign strategy with upgraded copy and design.

+23% Monthly Recurring Revenue Gain for a Fitness Brand

In only 35 days we build their entire email setup from the ground up. Increased their email list growth rate by 210%. And  focussed on AOV and CLTV with optimum flows and a custom campaign strategy.


The 3-Step Process to Work With Us

1. Book A Call
We get to learn about each other and figure out whether we are a good fit.
2. Free Audit
We do a comprehensive audit of your current Email & SMS set up for free.
3. Onboarding
We delve into understanding your brand better and get started ASAP.
Book a Free Strategy Call
The Secret Sauce

Our 6-Component Playbook

#1 Audit & Research
Email & Brand

We will analyze your current email setup and identify all the areas for improvement.
We will also do market research to understand your brand better and discover what works best to convert your list.

#2 Deliverability Boost
No More Spam Folder

We will get your emails out of the spam folder, cleanse your email list, while making sure no money is left on the table.
Deliverability will fundamentally impact all other areas of our email strategy.

#3 Email List Acceleration
Email Capture

We will develop an email capture form that converts 5-12% of your cold site visitors into warm email list leads.
These leads will be retargeted to turn into first time buyers.

#4 Core Flow Build
Automated Flows

We will build out our 10+ automated flows customized with your brand voice and design themes.
From copywriting and designs to the implementation inside your ESP, we have got you covered.

#5 Campaign Creation
On-Demand Sales

We will create weekly campaigns to generate sales in a very on-demand manner.
This will include building segmented lists for targeted emails.

#6 Testing & Optimization
KPI Tracking & A/B Tests

We will be optimizing and A/B split testing absolutely everything on a weekly basis.
We will also set up long term retention systems with the big picture in mind.

About Us

👋 Hey!

My name is Akib Shahjahan, the founder of Parchment Media.
I have been in the eCom space for many years, and have built and exited 2 brands.

Today, I help 7-9 figure eCom brands boost their revenue with retention marketing.

We are a lean team that customizes our entire strategy specifically for your brand and its needs. This is the closest thing to an in-house team you can find - without any of the overhead!


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